What is UV Disinfection?

Germicidal ultraviolet radiation (UVC) achieves disinfection because it breaks down DNA of microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, rendering them inert. By delivering UV-C Germicidal Light, JenAct UV Disinfection Products, designed to irradiate air and surfaces with UVC, achieve 99.99% disinfection of the Coronavirus (which causes Covid-19)  and other airborne viruses including other Coronaviruses, Influenza, Tuberculosis, SARS and other bacteria and moulds.

UVC disinfection minimises the airborne risk of infection and effectively allows indoor spaces to be fed with fresh air when fresh air itself, is practically unavailable. Especially useful during the Covid-19 pandemic, JenAct UVC Disinfection contributed to safer workplaces and improved the indoor air quality of work-related, residential, commercial, healthcare, medical environments and prevented Covid-19 transmission.

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UVC will only disable microorganisms placed in line of sight, which is how our products are designed. UVC cannot disinfect surfaces outside our units, such as door handles and light switches etc. Good hygiene practice and frequent washing of hands continues to be the safest way to protect against contaminants on surfaces and in the air. As businesses and healthcare facilities adapt, post the Covid-19 lock down, in order to provide safe environments, dental practices, doctor’s surgeries and hospitals are using UV Disinfection to sanitize the air, disinfect surfaces, equipment and protect patients and staff. Although UV Disinfection has been widely used in healthcare, hospitals and large medical facilities, small practices and businesses are now looking into adopting UV Disinfection Technology.