UV Air Disinfection for HVAC

JenAct have been patenting UV disinfection concepts for air since the 1990s.  We design and make UV systems for exposure of HVAC coils to prevent mould build up and active in-duct UV disinfection UV Torpedo® units for effective treatment of moving air in ducts and in large self contained systems.

UV Torpedo® Air Disinfection

Destroys biological and chemical contaminants as they pass through the duct. Drastically improving the air quality.

UV Air Disinfection for HVAC and Ventilation, installed in ventilation and air conditioning units, ideal breeding grounds for creating and spreading mould, bacteria and viruses, kills SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) microbial, biological and chemical contaminants as they pass through air streams, air ducts, cooling and evaporating coils, using UVC disinfection energy, dramatically improving the air quality and preventing the spread of Covid-19, bacteria and micro-organisms.

The GRU-V Torpedo®UV Air Disinfection for HVAC and Ventilation, break down airborne biological contaminants in air streams effectively creating ‘biologically fresh’ air when fresh air itself is not practically available. JenAct have developed a family of products for integrating into ducted systems which are particularly applicable to use during the Covid-19 pandemic, as an effective way to reduce risk. Typically mounted in ventilation systems between rooms or in a return air branch of an HVAC system, the UV Torpedo® HVAC UV Air Disinfection System will inactivate (kill) 99.99% of viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). JenAct has developed bespoke software, used around the world, which can model specific ducts and pathogen targets to predict performance or to enable construction to achieve specific performance. Typically JenAct will supply UV Torpedo® systems to installers or OEMs.

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Designed to slot discreetly into existing suspended ceilings, easily replacing 1200x600 and 600x600 standard ceiling tiles.

UV lamps are mounted longitudinally in a lightweight steel duct with integral fan which is mounted directly on to a ceiling tile insert. The fan is sized to move an appropriate volume of air to achieve 4 log kill (99.99% disinfection) of viruses. Philips PL-L or equivalent [55w x 2] lamps are used for 60m3/hr airflow FEP sleeves can be used to keep bulbs clean and safe if broken. Bulbs have 8000 hour life.

  • Lightweight and easy to install, independently or in the airflow of existing AC supply
  • Finished in powder coated RAL9010
  • Available in two sizes to accommodate larger room sizes

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