UV Treatment Conveyors

JenAct are leaders in Pulsed Xenon UV conveyors for exposure of mushrooms to UVB to enhance vitamin D (D3) content.  These systems work at production line speeds on packed product and can increase vitamin D levels by 30x.  Food grade stainless construction of course!

UV Sterilisation Cabinets

For Personal Protective Equipment

UV Sterilisation Cabinets disinfect medical items, face masks, medical instruments and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), have been designed in several variants by JenAct and have had their performance successfully validated at Surrey Diagnostics testing laboratories.

JenAct UV Sterilisation Cabinets and UV Disinfection Conveyors contain UVC modules (also available on an OEM basis) which emit UVC light and provide in excess of 500mJ/cm2. They use optimised reflectors and transmit and concentrate UVC as efficiently as possible towards inner and outer mask / item surfaces.

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