UV Surface Conveyors

JenAct design and build UV conveyors with flat belts, rollers and/or wire mesh belts for effective disinfection of packaging in transfer or actual products including fish and fruit. Equipment uses top end UV lamps, clever controls, reporting and wash down capability. Plenty of existing designs to chose from or we can make bespoke. 

UV Disinfection Conveyors

Decontaminate surfaces of packaging and foods.

UV Disinfection Conveyors are used to disinfect the surfaces of packages, packaging, airport trays and bags, food, boxes, packages, packaging, trays, items being transferred in/out of factories and packaging areas, post, parcels and anything that may be transferring viruses and bacteria via touch. Pass through UV Conveyors in and out of high care areas are available. UV Disinfection Conveyors are equipped with a UV-C disinfection zone, designed to kill SARS-CoV-2 (Covid -19) on the surface of foods, packaging materials and pharmaceuticals. Aimed for use within the food, pharmaceutical, packaging and medical industries, UV Disinfection Conveyors can safely and effectively apply UVC to medical items, trays, post, parcels etc. or wherever surface disinfection is essential. Research indicates that Covid-19 (Coronavirus), can survive on packaging surfaces, such as cardboard and plastic and the use of UV Disinfection Conveyors, applying UVC Light, can be effective in the fight against Covid-19.

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